7 Chakra Dreamcatcher

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7 Chakra Dreamcatcher

Colorful dream catcher, seven small dream catchers are representing 7 chakras. Dream catchers are made with colorful threads and crystals.

Dream catcher is made in 7 colors, representing 7 chakras:

1. RED ~ Base/Root Chakra ~ QUALITIES: grounding, security, confidence, physical, vitality.
2. ORANGE ~ Sacral Chakra ~ QUALITIES: sensuality, creativity, emotional expression.
3. YELLOW ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ QUALITIES: sense of self, intellect, purpose, ambition.
4. GREEN ~ Heart Chakra ~ QUALITIES: love, compassion, empathy, acceptance.
5. BLUE ~ Throat Chakra ~ QUALITIES: truth, verbal expression, self control.
6. INDIGO ~ Third Eye Chakra ~ QUALITIES: intuition, thought, sixth sense, imagination.
7. VIOLET ~ Crown Chakra ~ QUALITIES: spirituality, wisdom, connection to divinity.



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